TheFind Won’t be Found Soon


Sorry, I just had to use a pun.  If you have an e-commerce site, most likely you have an account with TheFind because it got you free traffic.  You might have also gotten a “termination notice” from them in your email as they recently were acquired from Facebook.  The notice doesn’t say much about it, but you can get a little more information on their home page.  Sounds to me that at the very least, the free traffic will be going away.

Given the news, this may be a good time to analyze your referral traffic (if you’re not already) to see the level of impact this will cause.  There are a few other really good places to get free traffic – some you may know about (i.e. Pinterest) and others you may not (i.e. Wanelo).  I have experimented with a few of them, so if you’d like any insight or need help getting on one  of these other platforms – please reach out to me using the form below:


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