Just passing this info along with discount code!  I can’t make it because I’m meeting a client in DC this weekend, but looks like a good event:

Web Afternoon is a one-day celebration of great conversations revolving around user experience, technology and storytelling. This will be our first large-scale web conference in Charlotte with high quality speakers. You’ll hear real voices, shake real Twitter hand(le)s. Maybe you’ll leave with a new idea scribbled onto a napkin. Maybe you’ll leave with a new business partner. Whatever you come for, Web Afternoon will leave you seeing the Web in stunning new clarity.

The speakers are:

• Leslie Jensen-Inman
• Igor Jablokov
• Todd Moy
• Nick Finck
• Josh Oakhurst
• Gene Crawford
• Carl Smith
• Jenn Downs
• Giovanni DiFeterici
• Doc Waller
• Jessica Cherok

You can RSVP to this event on meetup but don’t forget that you’ll also need to register at http://www.webafternoon.com as well.

Use ‘CLTUX’ and get 50% off the registration fee (it ends up being about $40).