I’m Wes Grasty and I have a passion for helping small businesses through the wonderful world of Internet Marketing.  I started my own e-commerce business in 2005 and have learned a lot over the years.  I love passing that knowledge on to other small businesses and helping them grow in the process.

This is where I used to list my services (SEO, UX, Social Media, CRO, Email/SMS Marketing, etc.), but you might not know what all those mean, especially if you’re new to Internet Marketing.

I’m working on productizing my services, but in the meantime if you need any of the following below – contact me using the form or just call 704-350-5180:

I need more traffic to my site (Attraction)

I have a good bit of traffic, but not enough of that traffic is buying (Conversion)

I have a lot of customers and I want to make sure I keep them (Retention)

I need all 3 of the above, but not sure where to start (Analysis)