Recommended Products

I rarely endorse particular products because I am a perfectionist, so not many live up to my expectations.  However, I have come across some that warrant a call out.  Please note, they are affiliate links (but that doesn’t make them less worthy):

Bluehost: If you have a WordPress site, do yourself a favor and choose Bluehost for your hosting.  Their support is excellent and very patient (you should see my chat logs with them – maybe I’ll post them one day).

Shopify: If you have an e-commerce store, do yourself another favor and sign up for Shopify.  I did oodles of research to settle on them and so far (2 months into it), they have lived up to expectation.  Please email me if you’re on the fence with any other e-commerce provider and I’ll explain why Shopify.  They have a free trial too!

More recommendations to come, when I find them.