Yea, I know.  Inbox Zero is yesterday’s news – at least in productivity circles, but after listening to lots of podcasts and the GTD book and reading bunches of blog posts – I’m finally at Inbox Zero, sort of.  I’ve actually been there before, but this time it might just stick to become a semi-regular occurrence.

It’s some of the tips for Gmail (here: that got me hooked this time.  One of the tips included Gmail’s multiple inbox feature which I tried when it first came out a year or so ago.  I did not like it, but I’ve realized that it’s because I didn’t have a good way to apply it.  This article makes a good case.  Time will tell if I like it as much as I do at this moment.

Another productivity tool I’m trying out is Any.Do ( which also has some Gmail integration.  Now, I have to use one of yesterday’s dorky sayings, but this “trifecta” of using Gmail (Multiple Inboxes), Google Calendar, and Any.Do (including their app) may be the answer that I’ve been looking for.  The irony is that I had no idea I would be using that dorky word when I started this post and I’ve used it today for 3 different things.  I haven’t used that word in years.  In fact, I’m not sure that I ever used it.  I just use to roll my eyes when other people used it and somehow here I am today overusing it.  Not to mention, going on and on about it.  Anywho (wth?), I never use that either.  I’ve got to stop this freeform writing, especially when I post a blog.  It is starting to sound more like my diary…anyway, I will report back (if anyone is interested) and let you know how the latest attempt at frequent Inbox Zeroes goes.  Last time I got excited about this sort of stuff, I didn’t follow through – but I also didn’t post it in a blog, so we’ll see.  Lastly, I was going to explain what primary inbox is, but if you read the article I think you’ll figure it out.  Until next time…

Oh, P.S. I forgot that I also use Boomerang (Google it, I’m too lazy to link right now).  Not sure how that will fit into this new mix, but I think there’s still a need.  We shall see.