So I RSVP’d Yes to this awesome sounding event:

But all my client work caught up to me, so I had to stay home and do that instead. I realized just now that I actually had time to do both. Things always seem to take a lot less time than I think they will. And, the more overwhelmed I am, the more my judgment of how much time I need is off. Oh, well. Lesson learned (and hopefully not learned again).

The good news is that I got caught up and then some! Going the extra mile for my clients…always a good feeling. And I got to write this blog post!

If anyone recorded the meetup tonight by chance, I’ll pay $ for it! I promise I am going to try my best to make the next one:

I certainly won’t use the same excuse, anyway.

I also promise to write some good blogs soon instead of rambling about all the great events in Charlotte.

OK, enough promises for now.